Wonderful Time of Year

Lila Campiz

We are all familiar with this time of year and I am not talking about the holiday season. There are only a couple of more weeks left of this fall semester and it has flown by. For those that were new to Alfred State at the beginning of the fall, I hope you have enjoyed this semester. As for those who were returners, you know how everything works. Classes end then there is a week of finals, some students get lucky enough not to have any or very few finals. I myself happen to be one of those students. It is nice be able to not have to worry about studying because I’m not the best test taker in the world. However because I do not have final exams I do have final projects, but I like those much better.

All Students should keep in mind that cramming everything in the night before the exam is not the way to study. It is best to study a little each day leading up to the exam. Being a college student for the last four years I know how hard it is to do something you do not want to do, especially for classes. When it comes to the end of the semester we just push through so we can enjoy a nice long winter break.


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