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Alfred State & Sustainability

Lila Campiz

As far as I know many students on campus are unaware of Alfred State’s Sustainability Plan let alone know of any of the strategies that would like to accomplish. President John Anderson signed the American College & University Presidents Climate Commitment (ACUPCC) in 2010 and is serving on the ACUPCC Steering Committee. Within the last month released a draft plan of Alfred State’s Sustainability and Climate Action Plan and shared it with the college community for comment. While being involved on campus I am aware of the few strategies that were mentioned in the plan. However I was more interested in the Education and Outreach portion of the plan. The college has been created and achieving some of their short term and long term strategies but I feel like the student population may not be fully aware of what each strategy entails or how it may help the campus in the long run.

Sustainability-focused courses may not interest everyone but there might people a group of people who would be interested in taking such a course even if it was just to fill one of their Gen-Ed classes. Here on this campus there may be students who feel that Sustainability as a major would suit them well, however before this would come about the demand for such a major would have to be located on this campus. It is great to hear that the school is currently developing a sustainability minor program to be offered in the near future. With that they are also exploring the creation of sustainability concentrations in existing programs.

The college created multiple strategies for student life and sustainability on campus. I am aware that some are in motion as far as being done currently but others are still within the process. As young adults many of us waste a lot even though the campus has numerous ways of recycling. Within academic buildings are paper or bottle trash cans and outside the campus as well. The campus farm takes paper and cardboard to be shredded and used as cow bedding. Every student throughout campus is able to to get involved.

Feel free to check out the plan:


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