Campus News

Diversity Party – Big Hit


Lynnette Lockwood

The Diversity Party hosted by Rainbow Union was held on November 30. As usual the party was a huge hit. The crowd cheered as the drag queens came out on the stage and preformed. Songs were heard throughout the night. Artists and songs such as Justin Bieber, Die Young, Call Me Maybe, Lady Gaga, and Usher were heard during performances and the party. The performers had some crazy yet cool outfits. This event has been going on for the last couple of years. During the spring time Alfred University hosts a drag show as well, with some of the same performers. A short interview was conducted with one of the hosts of the night.

DSC_0536What is your name?
DeeDee Dubois

Why did you want to be a drag queen?
For the attention and to make people laugh.

Do you travel across the country to do shows?
No, not across country just in the Rochester Area.

What kind of high do you get by dressing like a woman?
I don’t really get a high. I just love making people laugh and smile.

How long have you been doing shows?
13 years


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