Campus Life

Kendo Club in a Nutshell

Sebastian Ferguson

As of now, the Kendo Club as been active for many years now and is under the management of a new President, Josh Fitzgerald. He is hopeful that his new position will bring in many new members to the club, but is not specifying any limitation, so this is a club that anyone can join. But don’t worry if you are unsure about Josh’s inexperience as an instructor. Assisting him throughout his lessons are Mike Joel and Katie Sprague and Amanda Zeizer who are very experienced and are in their last year at Alfred State. Josh is a student of Digital Media & Animation and is taking his Second semester this time around.

Classes for inexperienced members and those that just want casual lessons take place on Fridays at 7pm to 8pm, with an additional hour to any who wishes to continue practicing, while the more experienced classes take place on Wednesday at ….

If you are unsure about joining because you might be the only one there, fear not. There are many members taking lessons already and is more than willing to offer a big, warm welcome to anyone wishing to join.

Rumor has it that the club may be getting an additional set of armor, allowing for real fights with wooden sticks. Now you too can beat a defenseless man with a stick, just like in your youth. Just kidding.

During most, if not all classes, all Students will be allowed to practice what they learned or want to try out against Josh himself, who will be protected in traditional Kendo fighting armor. The rumor is that an additional set of armor may be purchased; allowing members to engage in full fledge fights with each other, under the supervision of their fellow students and instructors. Please be warned though that no real swords will be allowed in the club. Please seek permission from Josh before bringing in any wooden swords for practice. The club wants to keep the environment Safe and boring, just kidding about the last part.

Also, this club is not a Self-defense art like most martial arts, as the club specifically trains you in ways to win tournaments, NOT fights against hoodlums. I suggest taking the Karate Class/club for that instead.


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