Tor Echo Wants YOUR Opinion

Lila Campiz

Sometimes I find it hard receiving feedback on the newspaper and everything else Tor Echo is trying to accomplish. We have recently been going more online. Do you like that? Do the students prefer online over print issues? It’s a question that I have been trying to figure out since last semester. I hope with this semester I can find out what students prefer. I noticed that with our website there isn’t much traffic going to it. I think it might be because people do not like reading a newspaper off a website. One of our changes this semester is the PDF version through Issuu. I know for myself that I prefer reading the PDF then reading it off the website. Everyone has his or her preference.

I of course want get Tor Echo out there more. With the online issues I think people tend to forget about Tor Echo because they don’t see the issues lying around campus. Before joining Tor Echo, I remember if I was just hanging around certain places on campus and there was a Tor Echo issue, I would pick it up and read it because it was there. That isn’t the case so much anymore. Half our issues are online and half are printed this semester.

Word of mouth is always the best form of advertising, however as an organization on campus we have a number of means of other advertising. We have posters, Channel 3, WETD, PioneerLink and Tor Echo. If you haven’t noticed, we have a link on our website for Campus Events Posters. I’ve been meaning to update it but I hope that will be a great resource for students when they are on our website.
I also think people forget they can submit articles to Tor Echo at anytime. All you have to do is email torecho@alfredstate.edu or Lila Campiz at campizle@alfredstate.edu. Have you every wanted to have your own column? We welcome ideas from everyone. Stop by our meetings on Mondays at 4 P.M. in the Orvis Conference Room.


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