Campus Life

Best Beard and Braid Competition

Beards and Bradis winners 2012 2013 IMG_4644

The Alfred State Outdoor Recreation Club recently sponsored a Best Beard and Braid competition, open to students, faculty, and staff. The premise of the competition was for the guys to grow a beard for the entire month of November (without shaving) and then to showcase their growth at the end of the month. A ‘before’ photo was taken, clean shaven, and an ‘after’ photo was taken once the month had ended. The club didn’t want to leave the gals out, so ‘best braid’ was also part of the competition. A $10 donation was collected from each participant along with some donations received from those not participating. The before and after photos were posted to Facebook, asking friends to vote for their favorite braid and favorite beard. The winners for best braid were Kalem Chambliss (student) and Kathy Bayus (staff). Best beard accolades went to Ben Cawley (staff) and Doug Sassaman (student). Jacob Bayus, president of the Outdoor Recreation Club, presented a t-shirt and a free trip of their choice on an outdoor recreation club outing to the winners. $250 was collected and donated by the club to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

This year’s winners of the Best Beard and Braid Competition are, left to right, Kalem Chambliss, Ben Cawley, Kathy Bayus, and Doug Sassaman.


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