Campus News

Budgets for Fall Are Due Soon!

Nichole Conner

It is that time again; budget requests are going to be due soon, March 1st to be exact. Try to remember that when submitting these budget requests everyone in your group should be involved. It is something that people can learn from and you never know what good it might do them in the future. Student Senate works on a zero based budget strategy, this means that just because you got so much last year does not mean you will get the same amount or more this coming year. Every budget line must be fully justified. If this is not done then there is a good chance there will be a loss of funds. Each group should have careful planning of how funds will be spent in the future, give specific examples. There are more and more groups forming on campus, Student Senate tries to evenly and fairly distribute funding to each group. Any late submissions are subject to be denied, so be sure to get them in on time. A hard copy and electronic copy should be submitted to Judy Osborn ( by 4 p.m. on March 1st. There should be inclusion of the electronic signature of the president, advisors, and treasurer. The indication should be reflective of the membership as well. The budget request packet can be accessed but going to or visiting Student Senate on pioneer link and clicking on documents, it will be the first one listed. Please remember that this form is very important to the future of your club!


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