Dr. Arroyo’s Plans for the Athletic Department

Jessica Stewart
During an interview with Dr. Arroyo, he talks about his plans for future recruiting, the possible transition from JCAA division II to NCAA division III and an insider on the athletics department.

Q: How are the men and women’s basketball teams doing so far?
A: They are doing ok. The women are ranked second in the region. They just beat Jamestown which was the champions last year, scoring 58-57. The women have an all American and national player of the year, Haley Witchella. The men are doing better than last year and they are a pretty young team. Hopefully this team will stay together for the full four years rather than the original two years.

Q: Are there any obstacles that the basketball teams are currently facing?
A: In any sport there are obstacles that each team faces. You will always have to deal with motivating the athletes to go to their full potential, academic issues, and behavioral issues. The bigger challenge that all teams will have to face is the transition to the NCAA.”

Q: When will that transition happen?
A: Alfred State will find out in a month if they will officially join the NCAA Division III. If they do, this will be a great transition to have competition with stronger teams and a more exciting environment.

Q: What are your plans on recruiting future athletes?
A: One of the things based on my background on coaching is trying to support the coaches to recruit more. We purchased an online database for our coaches to put their recruits in the system easily, and they can send mass text messages and emails. It helps to keep in contact with recruits. We also have a phone app so that the coaches will be able to access the database while on the road and see new recruits come into the system. We purchased the high school contact information for all the high school coaches in New York State, so we can send the coaches emails or text messages for anyone that may be interested in our school. All of our coaches have been doing a great job in recruiting in the past, but now we are giving them more tools in recruiting and more financial support to get out there.

Q: In terms of money, will recruiting be more of a benefit or a loss to Alfred State?
A: Certainly recruiting is a benefit to Alfred State. It is not only a benefit to athletics but it is a good benefit to the institution when we get the right students. Coaches are not just recruiting for teams but they are also recruiting for Alfred State as Alfred State is trying to increase their enrollment for more students, and recruiting is a big part of that. Right now Athletes are about 10% of the students. We hope to increase that.

Q. What are your personal thoughts on this?
A: Transitioning to the NCAA will greatly affect recruiting, eligibility, and the types of athletes that we will be attracting. The transition will be exciting and a little bit scary.


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