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Upcoming Fee Forum

Wednesday, February 27th at 5pm in EJ Brown 119, Alfred State will host a student forum to discuss mandatory fees. The forum, designed to be a new annual forum, will explain the existing mandatory fees (transportation, technology, health, athletics). The campus will present background information and outline any proposed changes/increases, allow time for questions and answers, and collect written feedback to make sure your input is included in any decisions. At this particular forum, there will also be an initial presentation (more opportunities for feedback will follow) on the impacts of our pending transition from NJCAA to NCAA, including proposed changes to campus athletic facilities. Please join us to learn more and share your opinion. The forum and desired feedback includes a proposed increase to the athletic fee of up to $50 per semester, discussion on the potential conversion of the existing swimming pool into an additional gymnasium, impact on the swim team, potential additional future teams (i.e. Equestrian?), and more. The forum’s purpose is to collect feedback that ensures student input on decisions relating to fees (and an initial opportunity to provide input on future NCAA proposal decisions).


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