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A Look at the SLC


Lila Campiz

We all have been watching a building appear out of the mist. Well okay maybe not out of the mist, but you know what I mean. We have only seen the outside and parts of the inside before there were exterior walls. I am sure many of you have been wondering what in the world does the inside look like. Good for you, as Editor-in-Chief of Tor Echo I was able to take a quick tour of the inside of the Student Leadership Center with our advisor Sandra Kinnerney and our consultant Dr. Brian Quinn.
Although the tour was quick and brief, it was amazing to see the interior. For some of the tour it was hard to imagine where everything was, but the one place that certainly stuck out to me was the leadership suites. It was great even standing where the media suite will be which will include WETD and Tor Echo. Though I will not be here come fall 2012, I hope that I will get the chance to step inside the new building one day.

It is a great feeling to have that the newspaper will progress on while I am gone. The past year has been big for us with our move to being more online. I hope next year and the years to follow are just as great. We were hesitant to do a lot of our issues online, however we became more open about everything. With the new building among other things, Tor Echo is heading into a direction I wish I could be a part of.


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