Campus Life

Fresh Market Doesn’t Always Smell Fresh

Angel Torres

10 Elm, the food place which was once called The Main Attraction, is panned by some who like to smell clean. Students, including commuters do not like the smell they receive when leaving out of the once-before bowling alley. One freshman who asked to be anonymous had this to say: “I get an unattractive smell when leaving that place…I do not like it at all!” Everyone is a critic, but many students tend to agree with that statement.

10 Elm does not have any ventilation for the smell of the food. When there is not any ventilation going out of this food place, the smell of the food starts to stick onto one’s clothes. There is not any cologne or perfume that can prevent this smell from being removed—it will have to take a washing machine and dryer to take the smell out of someone’s clothes.

Suggestions may have to take place for prevention of these bad reviews coming from students and others. Strong ventilation fans in the ceiling should be installed—it would solve an issue that students have been tolerating for a very long time.

Another anonymous student mentioned a realistic scenario: “What if you had an interview for an important job on campus, and you were very hungry? If you did not have anything to eat, there would not be any focus in the interview. The only place available to eat on campus is 10 Elm . . . You arrive at the employer’s office for the interview, and one of the things she notices is your smell—and because you had a bad smell, it prevented you from receiving the job. Your odor showed the employer that you did not care much for the interview.”

Having ventilation fans will reduce complaints to the school; it will make students want to attend 10 Elm a lot more; it will also make students feel much more comfortable.

How do you feel about 10 Elm? 

Let us know!


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