Campus Life / Entertainment

A Look At The Cultural Showcase

Nigel K. Phillips
a.k.a. “Mac P”

The Cultural Showcase was an awesome success; it was fun and full of energy. With people from Alfred University and Alfred State, the show proved to be a very fun experience. Many cultures from around the world were presented and everyone had lots of fun. The Korean dance club, representing Alfred University, preformed two k-pop dances. K-pop is an abbreviation of Korean pop or Korean popular music. For all who are unaware, K-pop is a musical genre that consists of South Korean dance and music which is usually pop, hip hop and R & B. It is one of the three forms of media that defines Hallyu, or The Korean Wave, which refers to the rising international popularity and visibility of Korean entertainment, and of the increase of interest in Korean culture. K-pop became accessible to the international audience when Korean entertainment companies spread K-pop music videos via Facebook fan pages and YouTube.

The Korean dance club wore a traditional dress for the first song, and took a more hip-hop approach for the second dance. Alfred state’s Japanese dance club sported hip-hop attire, and a Japanese robe called happi for their dance. Happi coats originated as Japanese over coats traditionally worn by shop keepers. The family crest, shop name or emblem was printed on the back of the coat. Today, happi coats are still used by some shop keepers, however happi coats are widely used for Japanese festivals, parties and sushi restaurants. The kendo club and the martial arts girls used their traditional clothes for their respective groups. Ronny Burgos, one of the performers at the showcase, sends his condolences to the International club. After speaking with Ronny, I learned about the great love the performers had for the program. He hopes this tradition continues for many years to come.


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