Campus Life

Greek Newsletter: Alpha Beta Chi


Alpha Beta Chi was Alfred State College’s first sorority and was founded in 1952 by a group of very smart and talented young women. Within its first year the sorority’s numbers grew with promise and to this day the sorority remains strong.  We are a group of strong and motivated women who strive to reach both our personal and house goals. We are dedicated to our house as well as our school and our grades. We have fun and work hard which makes us the elite group of girls that we are today. Our House Passion this year was Children’s Cancer. We work with the Humane Society and St. Jude Hospital. Community Service is important to us because it not only gives back to the community but it also puts into perspective just how lucky we have it.

When we rush girls, we look for strong individual girls who are not afraid to stand up for something bigger than themselves. Girls that show potential leadership skills, strong minded, and hardworking individuals. Someone who is goal oriented and has a personality to light up the room are something extra we look for. Even is someone is really shy, we like to look for that little spark in them that is dying to break out.

We have been rebuilding our house the past year and a half, and all the hard work paid off this semester. We have put through four amazingly strong girls to continue on with the traditions of Alpha Beta Chi. We are looking forward to future events especially the Tunnel of Oppression and Relay for Life in April.


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