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Josh Altemoos for Student Senate President

josh_aHello! My name is Joshua Altemoos. I’m a junior at Alfred State, majoring in Network Administration in the Information Technology department. I’m running for the President of the Student Senate of Alfred State for the 2013–2014 academic year. I have served Alfred State and New York, and I believe I can better serve the students of this college as Student Senate President.

As Technology Chair of Student Senate, I have served the students of Alfred State over the past year – advocating for you on technological needs on campus. During this semester’s campus-wide computer network outage I exercised my leverage as Technology Chair, being directly involved so I could relay information from IT staff to students and push repairs along. I also meet with Technology Services bi-weekly, and continue to work hard on improving technology on campus. Being Technology Chair also means that I serve on the Student Senate Executive Board. I was one of two students who rewrote and updated the Student Senate’s Constitution and for bringing the SUNY Student Assembly Executive Committee to campus. I have also helped write the Senate’s policies and documents, and provide assistance to the Board, President, employees, and students.

As a 1 ½ year Student Senator, I provided reports on behalf of the organizations I belonged to, including my residence hall council, in addition to being part of the Student Senate’s official decision making process. I work with the Finance Committee to give fair and unbiased opinions on spring semester budget submissions, and helped give a fair, unbiased opinion to the group to ensure that everyone received what they desired and deserved. I also started a special committee in regards to Hall Councils, which resulted in the improvements that we see today.

I also serve in other capacities around campus, including as Student Chair and Vice Chair of the ACES Board of Directors, which ensures students’ voices are heard inside our Auxiliary. I serve as Alfred State’s voting delegate to the SUNY Student Assembly–the voice of Alfred State. I also have the privilege of serving as President of the Alfred Programming Board, Treasurer of the Kaleidoscope Coalition, President of the Alfred Roleplaying Guild, and IT Director of the SUNY Student Assembly.

As President there are many things I would do to continue the legacy that has been started to create a more transparent and streamlined Student Government, to ensure that an open means of communication is maintained between our clubs and organizations and the Student Government. I would also continue putting the power of the government back into the hands of the students and ensure that the Students or their elected student leaders are the ones making the majority of the major decisions within our student government. As Student Senate President, I would be serving as the student body leader, as such I would be the Chief Advocate for every single one of you, using my experiences to ensure that student’s questions and concerns are properly fielded and taken care of.

The election is scheduled for the 23rd of April alongside the college-wide meeting in the Allegany Room. I would very much appreciate your support, the support of your club, and the support of your organization’s senator in this election. I would be proud to lead the students of Alfred into the 2013-2014 academic year.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


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