Campus News / Miscellaneous

Tunnel of Oppression 2013


Nigel K. Phillips
a.k.a. “Mac P”

From the hours of seven to ten pm on April 2-4, 2013 in Main Gate B, students here at Alfred State gained the pleasure of attending Kaleidoscope Coalition’s Tunnel of Oppression. This interactive event highlights contemporary issues of oppression. It is designed to introduce participants to the concepts of oppression, privilege, and power. Before the tour started throughout the building, we were all treated with a nice hearty meal. Participants were then guided through a series of scenes that aimed to educate and challenge them to think more deeply about issues of oppression. Liz Raterman, Hannah Conrad, Jeremy Mieczkowski, and Lizzie Yetter all coordinated this event. This definitely is an event worth checking out next year. I commend them, as well as Kaleidoscope Coalition’s philanthropic spirit.

Throughout the tour, there were slides on homelessness, presentations on bullying, domestic violence, transgender issues, anorexia nervosa, bulimia, and women’s discrimination in the workplace. At the end of the tour, participants were provided with the opportunity to discuss their experiences with each other. Facilitators helped participants reflect on their experiences and put their new-found knowledge to use in their everyday lives. Tunnel of Oppression caused many to reflect upon how closely these topics and society are related. Before leaving, participants attended a fair where opportunities for involvement in addressing some of the issues presented at the Tunnel were provided. This was a successful event; look out for more activities coordinated by Liz Raterman ( who is Alfred State’s Director of Multicultural Affairs and chair of Kaleidoscope Coalition.


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